S. Morgan Burbank

Science Fiction and Dystopia Author


S. Morgan Burbank (they/them) is a writer whose works focus on the topics of mental health, sexuality, love, and relationships, told through the lens of varying genres. Their debut novel, Kotov Syndrome, was the 2021 Queer Indie Awards winner for Best Dystopian Novel, while its much awaited sequel, Woodpusher, released in January 2024. They are the owner of Job at Place LLC, a developmental editing service for self-published authors. They also write visual novels under M. J. La Motte.

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Azaes Realm Series

Erika Edens is a human dumpster fire and sentient ball of anxiety. After her android ex-girlfriend, Abby, comes back into her life, Erika must reckon with her personal demons to save the girl who got away...which is more important than either of them ever realized.

Honors for Kotov Syndrome

  • 2021 Queer Indie Awards Winner: Best Dystopian Novel

  • 2022 SPSFC Nominee

  • 2022 Indie Ink Awards Nominee (5 categories)

  • 2023 Indie Ink Awards Nominee (2 categories)

Standalone Works

An Epilogue to Innocence is a collection of short stories written between 2010 and 2015. It's a collection of stories told from the points of view of various twenty somethings. Each story will make you feel sad in its own way, though none of them in the same fashion.Please note that this book is not yet under the S. Morgan Burbank name. More news to come.